Participation from parents and volunteers is crucial to our fundraising efforts.

To help make it easier for us all we've provided you with a sponsorship letter from Ben Dias, Club President, which you can use to introduce the concept of club sponsorship to your employer.

Here’s a script to help give you an idea of how to start the conversation about sponsorship. Just a suggestion, by all means put it into your own words, use language and terms with which you are most comfortable.

Sample Script

“I don’t know if you’ve heard me talking about it before but my kids are playing baseball in Surrey again this year and loving it. They’ve put together some really great branding opportunities and I thought it’d be a perfect fit for our company. The club is right in the heart of Surrey in Newton and there’s a real movement in the community towards engaging the local youth and helping improve the neighborhood. We could be seen as a very visible part of the solution. I know it’d make me feel really proud to see our logo up there supporting all the local kids and families.”

Your kids could play for FREE!

Don't limit yourself to just your own employer though. We've worked out a great deal with the club's Executive to offset your kids registration fees with your fundraising efforts. Raise $500 in sponsorship get 50% off your first child's fees. A total of $1000 and one child plays for FREE! *

Who do you know?

Many people think they can’t help because the “don’t know anyone!” You’ll be surprised if you sit down and take just five minutes and start writing a list just how many people you do know who might be a perfect fit. Don’t make the mistake of deciding for them that they won’t be interested. Give them chance to make up their own mind.

So, who do you know with a business in Newton? Write their name down, grab a pen and paper right now… you can add their contact info later.

Who do you know who works for a business in Newton?

Works for one of the larger employers in Surrey?

Does business in Surrey?

Who works for a big national brand or a sports related brand?

Who do you do business with yourself?

Who is your dentist, accountant, lawyer, insurance broker, realtor, mortgage broker, financial planner, plumber, printer, hairdresser, supplier??? You get the idea, just look through the yellow pages for a list of professions you use. See the yellow pages still has a use…

Who would you like to see as a sponsor of the club?

What's your favourite restaurant or retailer??  Don’t limit yourself to just one…

Who are you paying money to, or have spent money with, or are planning to do business with?

It’s amazing how many people might be interested in an association with the club.

If you’d like help talking with your contacts please just get in touch with us.

Sometimes a simple introduction is even easier and they may listen to us differently than they may listen to you. Let us "do the selling" or provide an explanation of the branding possibilities for you. Just give Ben Dias, club president or myself a call and we'll be happy to explain the sponsorship options on your behalf. Drop us an email with your specific suggestions of companies and along with your contacts information and some background and we'll happily follow up.

Other ideas

Anything that we at the club can do to help you when it comes to generating club revenues or increasing our membership base please do connect with us and let us know.

We're completely open to new ideas and suggestions. If you're in a successful school PAC program or see a sports team that has come up with a great fundraising idea we'd be very interested in looking at it too.

Please do us the courtesy of discussing your fundraising ideas and getting the prior written approval of the Newton Canadian Baseball Association Executive to ensure that there are no potential conflicts, privacy violations or opportunity for fraudulent or unethical activities. The planned use of proceeds and of any funds collected in excess needs written approval in accordance with our not for profit society status and grant eligibility.

Do your kids play other sports? Are any of the other kids or their parents interested in baseball? What about at school, church, clubs or associations like scouts?

We've provided a variety of posters, postcards, flyers and collateral material to promote both membership and sponsorship opportunities. Please take the time to download and print out the items you feel comfortable sharing. If you don't have the ability to print, just contact us and we'll happily get you hard copies to use and to share as you need or see fit.


Refer a Friend

To make it worth your while we've persuaded the executive to credit you back $25 for each new player you refer to the club.  Our refer a friend program will credit you back $25 for each new player referred to the club it a maximum of your own child's registration fee. The new player must register online and use your referral code when registering. To participate in the program you must contact us and request your own unique referral code. We can even set up referral codes for your school PAC and direct the funds towards their efforts.

We have some lofty fund raising goals this season and with your support we can make a significant difference to the kids experience, the club and to the community as a whole if we pull together.

Building a successful association is a team effort and Together Everybody Achieves More.  We’re looking forward to working with you.