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2019 Spring Season

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2019 Spring Season

  • For the the Spring 2019 Season we will require each family to accumulate a total of Forty-five (45) Volunteer Credits during the Spring Season (Spring Season ends in the middle of June however arrangements can be made on per case basis, with Heather Lavigne, to carry over shifts into the first week of July) Head Coaches will qualify for 20 Credits, 1st Assistant Coach 10 Credits and Team manager 10 Credits. Each 4hr Concession duty will qualify as 15 Credits. *FULFILLERS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN IN AND SIGN OUT FOR ALL VOLUNTEER SHIFTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE SHIFT. *DIBS will be updated within 24hours of completing a shift. Please note: We are not responsible for cancelled concession shifts due to weather. Please monitor the NCBA website for field closures. If games are cancelled, the concession is closed and you WILL NOT get credit for those points. You will have to sign up for another available DIBS shift. NOTE: You must be over the age of 16 to fulfill a concession shift ADDITIONAL SHIFTS WILL BE ADDED ON TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2019 THIS WILL NOT INCLUDE THE PLAY-OFF SCHEDULE. ONCE THE PLAY-OFF SCHEDULED HAS BEEN DETERMINED, ADDITIONAL SHIFTS WILL BE ADDED. Any questions regarding Dibs can be direct to Heather Lavigne at

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