The Rally Cap Division plays a maximum of 4 innings per game. There are 50 feet between bases with a fair hit line 15 feet from home plate and a home run line 20 feet beyond 1st and 3rd bases in an arc around the outfield. Players have the option to hit from a Tee or from a pitching machine. Each team bats through their whole lineup each inning, so there are no maximum number of outs in an inning. No scores or standings are kept at this level.

Depending on number of teams formed, Players can expect 1 weekend game, and at least one weekday game.

For 2021, Rally Cap teams can expect to play one weeknight per week (Tuesday or Thursday) and one session on Saturday.  All players will participate in the SCBA Opening Ceremony.

At some point later in the season, there will be a Rally Cap testing day where players will be assessed on their progression and be given coloured hats in recognition of their skill development (see levels below).  Coaches will be working with the players on these specific skills during the season.



The Rally Cap program is an entry level program designed to introduce children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged, while learning the skills of the game in a fun, safe and informative atmosphere.


  • Create an environment in which children and adults can have fun with baseball
  • Teach baseball skills, rules, and strategy to our players
  • Model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship
  • Promote increased self-esteem & structure among children and adults
  • In the Rally Cap baseball program, each team will consist of 6 players only, meaning more teams could be formed while more repetitions will allow players to improve their different skills
  • In Rally Cap baseball, 3 teams will meet at the park at the same time.  Two (2) teams will be playing a game while one (1) team will be practicing in the outfield

The Game

  • Each session will last 60 minutes.
  • After each inning played, teams will rotate.
  • At each turn batting, all players will come to bat.  The ½ inning will end when all six players have completed their turn.
  • Teams will score runs the way they would in a normal game.
  • Chance to earn extra runs on defense by catching fly balls and throwing runners out on the bases.
  • There are no walks, no strikeouts, no base stealing and runners can only advance on batted balls.
  • All three formats of hitting can be used: Tee-ball / Parent-pitcher / Pitching Machine
  • Each player has the choice of which format they would like to use.
  • Each hitter gets a maximum of 5 baseballs.  If the fifth ball is not hit then the coach will roll a baseball into the field to allow the hitter to run the bases and the defense to try and make plays.
  • When the last hitter hits the ball the defense must throw the ball to home plate to get the final out.

The Practice

  • While in the outfield each team will practice the FUNdamentals:
  1. Throwing
  2. Receiving
  3. Hitting
  4. Base Running
  5. General Knowledge
  • Coach Guide displaying drills are included to help prepare sessions.
  • Players rotate through the different stations each time they come back to the outfield.
  • Players work with partners at each station to develop their skills.

White Cap Level

  1. Throwing –Able to throw a ball 5 feet
  2. Receiving –Able to catch a ball thrown at 5 feet
  3. Hitting –Able to hit a ball off a tee
  4. Base Running –Able to run to 1st base in 12 seconds or less
  5. General –I know my team’s name, coach’s name, and names of 3 teammates


Grey Cap Level

  1. Throwing –Able to throw 7 of 10 balls to partner at 10 feet
  2. Receiving –Able to field 10 of 15 ground balls from 15 feet
  3. Hitting –able to hit 10 of 15 balls off a tee
  4. Base Running –Able to run to 1st base in 8 seconds or less (60 feet)
  5. General –Able to name all of the position numbers


Black Cap Level

  1. Throwing –Able to throw the ball 25 feet
  2. Receiving –Able to catch 10 of 20 fly balls from a height of 15 feet
  3. Hitting –Able to hit 7 of 15 balls thrown underhand
  4. Base Running –Able to run home to 2nd base in 14 seconds
  5. General –I know 3 different ways to get a player out


Green Cap Level

  1. Throwing –Able to throw 9 of 15 in the strike zone from 20 feet
  2. Receiving –Able to catch 5/5 ground balls, 5/5 fly balls,  and 5/5 balls thrown by a partner from 15 feet
  3. Hitting –Able to hit 7/15 balls past the base paths, rolling or in the air
  4. Base Running –Able to run around the bases in 27 seconds
  5. General –I know where to throw the ball when I field it

Blue Cap Level

  1. Throwing –Able to throw the ball at a distance of 50 feet
  2. Receiving –Able to catch 12/15 fly balls not directly hit to me (20 feet in front 5-10 feet left and right)
  3. Hitting –Able to hit 12/15 balls on the outfield grass
  4. Base Running –Able to run to 1st base in 5 seconds or less
  5. General –I know the difference between a hit and an error; a strike and a ball; safe and out; a single, double, triple and HR; fair and foul


Red Cap Level

  1. Throwing –From a fielding position, I can throw 10/15 balls to 1st from SS
  2. Receiving –Able to field 5/5 grounders to the left and 5/5 grounders to the right (regular distance)
  3. Hitting –Able to hit 10/15 between cones†Base Running –I can run from 1st to 3rd in 11 seconds with a correct slide at 3rd base
  4. General –I know where to position myself depending on the hitter