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Coaches Corner

Coaching Resources

We have added a number of resources to the website to make the planning of practices and consistency of philosophies, drills and player development easier for all. 

We also put a bunch of useful forms and documentation online as well.  If you come across cool drills, videos or relevant blog posts please share them with us. Send links to 

We also simplified the booking of the batting cage and put it online as well.

Just a heads up to our coaches and team managers; as you reschedule games please be sure to give Concession the heads up or your kids and families could be going hungry ;-)

Make sure your team managers and parents know that we now have our DIBS program to schedule concession duty assignments and that it is the sole responsibility of each parent to schedule their required volunteer hours.

Finally, to make your lives and those of your team managers easier, we are utilizing SportNgin (our website's backend software) to manage all team communications, calendars and scheduling (no more need to pay for team snap). Please review the brief info video instructions below and make sure everyone gets set up properly...

New Bat Rules for 2018

Please share with your parents before they purchase a new bat for their child this season. Be aware particularly at the PeeWee Level not to purchase bats designed for Little League as they have been designed to be deadened and not "pop" the ball as far or fast.

Finalized Updated 2018 BC Baseball Bat Rules

Following further consultation with Baseball Canada, the bat manufacturing industry and sporting goods retailers, please find the an updated, finalized version of the 2018 BC Baseball bat rules which will be included in the 2018 BC Baseball Rulebook.

7U (T Ball/Rally Cap) 30 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop – bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked “USABB”

9U (Tadpole) 30 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop – bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked “USABB”

10U & 11U (Mosquito) 32 inch, 2 5/8 inch max diameter, unlimited length/weight drop – bats with greater than 2 ¼ in. barrel diameter must be marked “USABB”

13U (PeeWee) 32 inch, 2 ¾ inch max diameter, -10 max length/weight drop, marked “BPF 1.15” or “USABB

15U (Bantam) A/AA 2 3/4 inch max diameter, -3 max length/weight drop marked “BBCOR”, or -8 max length/weight drop marked “BPF 1.15” or “USABB” (STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT USING WOOD AS IT PUTS YOU AT A DISADVANTAGE)

15U (Bantam) AAA -3 max length/weight drop, Wood, Bamboo or Wood Composite

18U (Midget) AA -3 max length/weight drop, and marked “BBCOR”

18U (Midget) AAA/College Prep Wood, Bamboo or Wood Composite

Wood, bamboo and wood composite bats are permitted in all divisions. 

Wood composite bats include wood bats with fibreglass sheathing and wood barrelled bats with composite handles.

Wood composite bats do not include any bat that has any metallic component.

Changes in bats at the 11U and younger levels for 2018 season as a Pilot Project for review after the season.


Do NOT Purchase Bats bearing this logo. These bats have been designed to lack power and are meant to be used in Little League. Do NOT Purchase for BC Minor Baseball.

See something wrong in the park?

Download the City of Surrey App to your smart phone from the iTunes Store or Google Play. It lets you instantly report the problem and log the issue for follow up. They respond really quickly and positively.


BC Baseball Coaching Conference Info & Links

BC Baseball put on a fantastic conference in Langley this February. Tons of great content! If you get a chance to attend next year, do it! We'll put the link up here as soon as it's scheduled but it will be late February again I'm sure (17th or 24th)

Here are some links to the websites and content from a lot of the speakers.

Ryan Harrison - Slowing the game down

Ryan gave some outstanding talks on how to really see the ball. Some practical advice, drills and tips on seeing the ball as big as a balloon and seeing it both early from the hand and deep in the plate. We will be sharing those drills throughout the club but please check out their website & their book "How 2 Focus Like the Pros" is available on Amazon.  

They also recommend a depth perception App for phone or tablet to train, relax and focus the eyes. Available from their website or the iTunes Store or Google Play

Dr Tom Hansen

Author of "Play Big: Mental Toughness Secrets That Take Baseball Players to the Next Level", and former performance enhancement director for the Yankees and Texas Rangers. Tom put on several great sessions. Every coach looking to develop a non confrontational cooperative style to player development should look to adopt some his teachings. Simple and effective. Another recommended read, the inner game of golf...

Key Note Speakers

Big thanks to Ernie Young formerly of the Oakland A's, journeyman hitter and centerfielder, for some great power hitting advice and outfield fun & philosophy, and to Roberto Alomar for a hugely informative Q&A.

Don Hooten delivered an insightful presentation on the dangers and pervasiveness of Performance Enhancing Drugs, some great info for the parents of teenagers. 

Also great value over the weekend were the legendary coach Mark "Lunch" McKenzie and his son Marcus (Snacks) both coaching at the University of Concordia-St.Paul.


Great information on Concussions. How to prevent one, how to spot the symptoms,  and how to help recovery.

Pete Caliendo

As always Pete delivered some great information with extreme enthusiasm. Many of you will remember him from the coaches caravan last year.

This year we will be repeating the training session, at Unwin Park, on April 15th, a not to be missed event for kids and coaches alike. He shared some really exciting out of the box ideas for drills to keep players engaged and enjoying the game.

We picked up Pete's entire video library a US$120 value (CDN$175!!), which will be available to any coach wanting some inspiration. Just contact Ben Dias, or check it out online.

Here's Pete's website. He also has a weekly podcast, also available on iTunes.


Coaches, you will need to register your team online for interlock and to be able to enter scores for your teams.

Here are the steps to take:

1.  Go to "Divisions", "Team Registration".  Under Team Registration, there is a link for you to register your team for the 2017 Interlock Season.  The head coach is the one who should be registering as you will be the one who has access to enter scores.  You will create a user name and password and this is what you will use to login to the Newton website.  You do not have to fill in the details of blocked dates, etc. for scheduling purposes (just put in "N/A"), as the schedule has already been created.

2.  Once you are registered, we will receive notification that you have.  The schedule will be prepared based on your registration (including you blackout dates etc.).

3.  You will be notified once the schedules are complete at which time I will then allow your "team page" to go live on the system.  Once your team page is live, you will be able to enter scores and edit your team page.

4.  Your team page is under your team name in your division (Mosquito, Peewee A, Bantam A, or Midget AA).  

5.  To enter scores, go to your team page.  There is a button on the top left corner that says "edit/user".  Click to "edit mode". 

6.  Once you are in edit mode, go to "Game Schedule".  This lists all your games for the season.  Click on the game that you are wanting to score.

7.  Click on "quick scores" (far right side).  Enter your scores.  Click "save changes".  IT IS HOME TEAM THAT RECORDS THE SCORE FOR THAT GAME.

8.  You can add more information to your Team Page.  You can customize it by adding the roster, stats, videos, photos, etc., or you can leave it as is.

9.  The head coach name and email address is under "Roster", "Coaches' List".  Coaches, you can get contact info for another coach in this place on his or her team page, if you need to reach another coach to reschedule games, etc.

10.  If there are changes to game schedule, once you have verified that change through your regular process (ie, confirming field availability etc.), please contact your division coordinator and they will make the changes necessary to the schedule.

Thank you.  

You will need to take a printed copy of this letter to your local RCMP office with two (2) pieces of government photo ID.

CRC Online

We are now set up for our volunteers to request their CRC online and for NCBA to receive them electronically. The NCBA President will receive all CRC's.


Go to the following website:

Enter the following access code: P8QBXV9HWE

This process will not work on a mobile phone and works best on Internet Explorer rather than Chrome. Make sure you are accurate with your security question responses. You can if it's easier print off the volunteer request form pdf #CRR026 and email it to