See something wrong in Unwin Park?

It takes all of us to keep the park safe for our players, parents and our community.  If you see anything suspicious, anti-social, facility or field damage please use the contacts below you feel are more suitable.

City of Surrey App

City of Surrey
city of surrey app

Download the City of Surrey App to your smart phone from the iTunes Store or Google Play. It lets you instantly report the problem and log the issue for follow up. They respond really quickly and positively.

Non-Emergency #'s

rcmp non emergency

RCMP will respond to anything that seems suspicious or Anti-Social in the Park.  If you see anything that feels more suitable for Surrey Parks, or By-Law Officers to attend to, the numbers are also listed.

NCBA President

Newton Canadian Baseball Logo

Ryan Hall, the President of the Newton Canadian Baseball Association welcomes your feedback.


If you see any activity, concerns, or feedback about Unwin Park, Newton Baseball Facilities, Parents, Players or Spectators please do not hesitate to reach out to him by e-mail.